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JTECH Product Evolution and Support

In 1996, JTECH developed one of the first computerized wired functional assessment systems, called Tracker™. Tracker quickly became and industry leading product and can still be found in use in many practices. In 2004, JTECH introduced the first fully wireless functional assessment system called Tracker Freedom®, making tethered testing a thing of the past. In 2008, JTECH improved upon the Tracker Freedom system and released fully integrated wireless testing devices by miniaturizing the circuitry and moving the antennas inside the devices.

Even with all of the progress that JTECH has made in our devices, we have been able to provide continued support and service for all of our products over the past 20 years. It is with great regret that we must make you aware that in August of this year, JTECH will no longer be able to service wired interface boxes. In order to help you continue to use the important objective data that you collect with your JTECH systems, we are offering special pricing to upgrade from previous versions of JTECH devices (wired or external IT) to the latest internal IT versions of our Tracker Freedom devices, as well as software upgrades from Tracker 4 to Tracker 5.

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For more information about Tracker Freedom devices and Tracker 5 Software, continue reading below.

Tracker Freedom

Tracker Freedom® devices from JTECH Medical use wireless technology that make other systems seem obsolete. Tracker Freedom devices incorporate two-way communication protocols, frequency hopping and electronic signatures so you can rest assured that your data is accurate and reliable. Our wireless technology means that you can test anywhere from within 30 feet of the receiver, and no longer need to worry about messy cables.

Tracker Freedom

Tracker 5 Software

Tracker Version 5 software gives you capabilities that other systems only dream about. The simple, intuitive user interface makes testing and documentation easier, faster and more complete. Tracker Version 5 software includes our exclusive multimedia help system, automatic test sequence recall, physical and neurological evaluation section, custom tests and more. Tracker Version 5's simplified report writer makes creating detailed reports as easy as point and click.

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