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CAT® - Chiropractic Adjusting Tool Family

The CAT® is designed for reliability and durability. That's why our CATs comes with the industry's longest warranty. With their longer lives our CAT tools are the best value in adjusting instruments.

The CAT features optional finger and palm pads to reduce impact to your hand and arm when performing adjustments. Each CAT has a soft tip which is easily replaced to keep your instrument clean and looking new for all your patients. All CATs are compatible with established, published protocols for spine and extremity adjusting.

If your device is rattling inside, your device is likely in need of service.  All JTECH manufactured devices are manufactured such that when you use the device, you should not hear any rattling or loose components inside.  Please view our return policy and contact Customer Service to obtain an RMA number and instructions on how to get your device serviced. 

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