Dualer IQ Pro™ Digital Inclinometer

The Dualer IQ Pro Digital Dual Inclinometer is the faster, easier, smarter way to measure spine and extremity ranges of motion without a computer. Dualer IQ Pro speeds up spine evaluations with dual inclinometry protocols recommended by the American Medical Association (AMA) and automatic data collection. Dualer IQ Pro produces easy to read digital results. The Dualer IQ Pro records and stores results for up to 20 tests allowing clinicians to perform consecutive tests without stopping to record data. Later review of test data allows for less distractions and less transcription errors. Dualer IQ Pro allows clinicians to evaluate motion using dynamic dual Inclinometry and static single Inclinometry (similar to using Goniometer) protocols.

Each instrument has been factory calibrated to ensure accuracy. It is possible that the user calibration may be different from these pre-set parameters, which may lead to invalid force/angle reading. Prior to performing a full calibration, attempt to restore the factory calibration stored on each instrument. If this does not correct the problem a full calibration may be required.

Follow these steps to restore the factory calibration:
1 . Select “Settings” from the main menu.
2 . Use the Up or Down buttons until you highlight “Restore.”
3 . Press the Select Button to select restore.
4 . The LCD screen will display “RESTORE CALIBRATION.”
     i . Select, “No” to return to the Settings menu.
    ii . Select “Yes” to restore the factory calibration settings.
Note: Restoring the factory calibration only overwrites the user calibration data with the factory calibration data stored on the instrument.
Note: For information on recommended annual factory recalibration, contact JTECH Customer Service at (800) 985-8324, ext. 4 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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