JS Comprehensive750x750

JobSim™ - Dynamic Lifting System

JobSim Basic is an adjustable dynamic lift task shelving system for material handling evaluation and work hardening/work conditioning applications. The shelves easily adjust in 2” increments from floor to overhead and include small barrier plates.

The JobSim Comprehensive Upgrade transforms our basic JobSim into a versatile job simulation system. With JobSim Basic and Comprehensive Upgrade you can simulate almost any job task, from material handling to fine dexterity.

Problem: Device does not turn on and/or the LED does not blink when trying to turn on.

Probable Cause: The device software has locked up or the battery charge is fully depleted.

Possible Solution: Use reset pin to press the reset switch through the reset pin hole on the device. If the device still does not turn on, connect the device to the charger for 1 hour. If the device turns on after 1 hour, allow the device to continue charging. Otherwise contact JTECH support for repair options.

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