Tracker Version 4 

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During the installation process of Tracker 4.51.09 or older, the file copying process halts at 95% or 96% and a message appears which reads:

You do not have access to make the required system configuration modifications. Please rerun this installation from an administrators account

You may be attempting to install a version of Tracker 4 which includes an automated installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader 5. You likely already have a newer version of Adobe Acrobat, and the newer version prevents Reader 5 from being installed.

The Tracker 4 installer interprets this as a lack of administrator rights, and gives the error at the end of installation.

To work around this issue, the user should uninstall the "newer" version of Adobe Reader, then install Tracker 4. Adobe Reader 5 will be installed along with this. After installation is successful, you can remove Adobe Reader 5 and install a "newer" version of Adobe Reader.

The only permanent resolution to this is to upgrade to a version of Tracker software that does not automatically install Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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