Tracker Version 4 

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When the Tracker program is closed and the AutoBackup process begins, the following error message appears:

AUTOBACK.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


The AutoBackup program keeps only the 10 most recent backup .ZIP files in the database folder. The files have likely become too prolific.

1) Navigate to the data folder for the database in question

2a) Select the "View" menu on the Explorer window and choose "Details". This will sort the files into a manageable list.

b) Sort the files by either Name or Type. This will group the ZIP files together. They begin with the letters TRBK and are followed by an ordenal number indicating their sequence. (i.e TRBK00034.ZIP)

4) If necessary, make a backup of these files by copying them or moving them to another folder.

5) Delete all remaining TRBK files, leaving only the standard JD files.

6) Run Tracker Version 4 and attempt the operation again.

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