Tracker Version 4 

Objective testing and accurate documentation are more important, and more affordable, than ever. Tracker from JTech Medical gives you the tools to raise the level of your patient evaluations, documentation, outcomes tracking, patient education/retention and billable services.

Refer to this help section when you attempt to make a backup of the current Tracker™ database, and the following error message appears:

DynaZIP ZIP Error

Nothing to do! (FILENAME)

No backup file is created.

The Tracker Version 4 software uses several externally-invoked applications to perform data-related tasks. Having blank spaces in the data paths may cause these applications to misinterpret line commands and give error messages.

If the TRACKME.INI file contains paths to one or more locations which have a blank space in the name (i.e. "C:\TRACKME\DATA HERE\"), consider changing the pathnames to remove any spaces or use the _ (underscore) character in place of spaces.

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