Tracker Version 4 

Objective testing and accurate documentation are more important, and more affordable, than ever. Tracker from JTech Medical gives you the tools to raise the level of your patient evaluations, documentation, outcomes tracking, patient education/retention and billable services.

(For clarity, the computer TO which you are transferring your Tracker™ license is the “New Computer”. The computer FROM which you are transferring the license is the “Old Computer”.)

(In versions of Tracker older than 4.50, the “System” menu referenced below will instead be the “Setup” menu.)

1) Remember to create a backup of the patient data from your Old Computer. This is done by selecting “System” > “Backup” (or “Setup” > “Backup” in older versions of Tracker) on the Old Computer and following the directions. This data will be “Restored” onto the New Computer later.

2) The temporary “Trial Period” must be expired on the New Computer before the license can be transferred. After installing Tracker on the New Computer, double-click on the Clock in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. This will bring up a calendar/clock screen. Set your calendar one month ahead. Hit OK. Doing so will force the “Trial Period” to expire.

3) The “License-Transfer” menu should be activated on both the Old and New Computers. On the New Computer, simply hit the “Transfer” button at the bottom of the “JTech License Verification” screen upon running Tracker. On the Old Computer, select “System” -> “License” -> “Transfer” from the main Tracker screen. (The menu looks the same on both computers.)

4) Using removable media (floppy disk or USB flash drive), transfer the license from the Old Computer to the New Computer. Inserting the media into the New Computer, hit “Register Transfer” (Step 1). The media will briefly be read. Take the media to the Old Computer and insert it. Hit “Transfer Out” (Step 2). Take the media to the New Computer and insert it. Hit “Transfer In” (Step 3). After the media has been read, the Tracker license will have been transferred. You may close the License-Transfer menu on both computers.

5) On the New Computer, “Restore” your patient data from Step 1. Once you have closed the License-Transfer menu on the New Computer, you should see the message “NO RESTRICTIONS” at the top of the window. You may hit the “Continue” button to enter into the main Tracker screen. Now select “System” -> “Restore” and follow the directions. Be sure to remember the location to which you originally stored the data (floppy diskette, network drive, other removable media, etc.).

6) Review the New Computer and make sure everything seems correct. This includes checking for your original patient data, resetting the system clock from Step 2, ensuring that all other settings are correct (AMA version, # Strength reps, and others found in the “System” menu), and that your Tracker system functions properly on the new machine. You may now close Tracker on the Old Computer, and you will find that its license has expired. Tracker will now function normally on the new computer!

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