Tracker Version 4 

Objective testing and accurate documentation are more important, and more affordable, than ever. Tracker from JTech Medical gives you the tools to raise the level of your patient evaluations, documentation, outcomes tracking, patient education/retention and billable services.

When Tracker™ Version 4 is opened, the taskbar items for "EventTrack" and "Tracker Communications" appear, but the windows do not appear on the screen.  If the user attempts to restore these windows, it seems that the windows are being restored in a non-viewable area (i.e. off the screen) where they cannot be moved or manipulated. 

The display options for "EventTrack" and "Tracker Communications" in Tracker Version 4 can be configured through changes in the TRACKME.INI file.  Properties that can be manually modified include X and Y coordinates for the windows as well as the ability to load minimized.

The values can be found in the TRACKME.INI file under the [Heart] and [Pain] categories.  These categories relate to the "Tracker Communications" and "EventTrack" windows respectively.

The values can be modified as follows:


The numbers after "X=" and "Y=" are the number of pixels from the top left-hand corner of the screen.  Setting these values to "0" will place that window in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

If the number after "Show=" is a "0", that window will begin the Tracker session minimized.  If the number after "Show=" is not "0", the window will be visible when Tracker is opened.

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