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When trying to select an exam, the exam screen never appears, but crashes as soon as the "Select Exam" dialogue is accessed. 

This problem may be caused by the presence of VAL files located in the folder with your Tracker™ database.

VAL is the file extension for the Validity checks/referential integrity checks file associated with Paradox for Windows.

These files seem to lock individual tables in the Tracker database and render them unusable.

To resolve this problem,

1) Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where the Tracker data files are stored. (Typically C:\TRACKME\DATA\)

2a) Click on the "View" menu

  b) Select "Details".  The file list will now be in a detail view which shows the various file types located in the folder.

  c) Click on the "Type" column header to sort all files by their respective types.

3) Scroll to the V section of the list of file types.

4) If any .VAL files are found here, highlight them and delete them.

5) Attempt the operation again.

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