The installation is fairly simple and can be done as follows:

Please find our computer specifications here: 

Auto Installation

  1. Insert the Tracker Version 5 Software USB into your computer. Your computer should automatically initialize the Tracker Welcome screen (Note: Newer computers may first display an “AutoPlay” menu for security purposes. Choose the option to “Run autorun.exe” to continue).
  2. At the Tracker Welcome screen, select the “Install Software” option.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the install.

Registration and Site Key

Before using your software you must call JTECH Customer Service to register your software and receive a site key. You will perform the following steps while talking to our Customer Service Representative.

  1. Click on the Tracker Version 5 icon on your desktop or open the software through your programs menu.
  2. Click the Register button and a Registration screen appears.
  3. Our Customer Service representative will ask you to read the “Site Code” displayed on the screen.
  4. Once the Site Code is confirmed, our Customer Service representative will read you a “Site Key.” Type the numbers and letters exactly as provided by the Customer Service Representative into the Site Key field.
  5. Click the Authorize button to complete the registration and activate your Site Key.
  6. Click Continue and you can begin running your Tracker Version 5 Software.

Creating a Database

The Database drop-down menu allows you to manage multiple databases for collecting and storing patient data. For example, if two clinicians use the same Tracker system, each can have a separate patient database. This drop-down is also used for backing up and restoring databases.

Click the + button at the Tracker Database Manager screen and the Add Database screen appears. Use the instructions to create a new database.

  1. Type in a name into the “Name” field.
  2. Type in a description (optional).
  3. Click the browse button to map a path to the database location. Click “OK” to add the database or “Cancel” to exit without adding the database.

Instrument Registration (Wireless Systems Only)

Tracker wireless instruments must be registered with the software to insure proper communications. Tracker Version 5 Software will not establish communications with instruments that are not registered with the software.

  1. Select Instrument Registration from the system drop-down menu.
  2. At the Instrument Registration screen, place the cursor in the field beside the instrument for registration.
  3. Type in the serial number located on the instrument label. The software will only accept valid serial numbers.
  4. Complete the registration for all instruments, including foot switches, included with your system.

 Importing Factory Calibration of Wireless Instruments

Another feature of the Instrument Registration screen is the ability to import factory calibration into Tracker Version 5 Software. Using the factory-supplied calibration helps insure your instruments are providing the most accurate data possible. All Tracker dynamometers are factory calibrated using certified weights. Factory calibration is only required for dynamometers or force measurement devices, such as the muscle tester, grip gauge and algometer. Tracker inclinometers and foot switches do not require factory calibration. To import factory calibration for a dynamometer:

  1. After entering the instrument’s serial number, click on the instrument name, such as grip, in the Instrument Registration screen. Clicking on the inclinometer and foot switches will not import any factory calibration information, but will test communication with the instrument.
  2. If the instrument is not awake, the Instrument Wake-Up screen appears. Gently press the “ON” button on the instrument to turn it on. When the instrument is on, the green LED turns on, and the LED flashes when communications are established between the instrument and the software. The Instrument Wake-Up screen will also close automatically when communications are established.
  3. The Import Calibration screen will appear and automatically imports the factory calibration data. The top of the screen will say “Import Calibration Successful” when the process is finished. Click the OK button to complete the calibration import.
  4. Import the factory calibration for all of your system’s instruments.
  • Notice: “Legacy” system factory calibration is imported by inserting the calibration CD in the CD drive and following the on-screen instructions.

Auto Test Advance

This feature enables or disables the software’s automatic advance when using a test sequence. When this option is enabled, the software automatically advances from test to test in the series as soon as validity or consistency is met. If the feature is disabled, you must manually advance through a testing sequence using the “Next” foot switch or by closing the test screen. Disabling the Auto Test Advance feature provides time for you to view test data and enter notes before advancing to the next test screen.


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