Primary Inclinometer LED states Explanation
All LEDs off Normal operation or charging
Blue LED solid Enter the device zero by pressing “Enter”

Blue LED slowly blinking

1 time per second (1Hz, 50%)
Enter motion A for the current repetition by pressing “enter”

Blue LED rapidly blinking

4 times per second (4Hz, 50%)
End the current repetition by pressing “enter”

Orange LED slowly blinks on

1 time per second (1Hz, 10%)
The battery is low (less than 30 minutes remaining)

Orange LED quickly blinks off

3 times per second (3Hz, 90%)
The battery is critically low (less than five minutes remaining)
5 times per second (5Hz, 0%) when device is turned on. The battery is dead.


Secondary Inclinometer LED states Explanation
LED off Device is off or sleeping
Blue LED solid Device is actively communicating with Primary inclinometer.

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