When the user attempts to select a test from the Tracker software, or when the user opens a test dialog, an Access Violation error message is displayed. The error may contain several possible memory addresses, but may show the following module names:


The error message is generated by corruption or unexpected modification to the "Lookup Tables" in Tracker Version 5. The Tracker software is able to rebuild these tables automatically when certain actions are taken by the user.

NOTE: This fix may cause problems in Tracker 5.0.6 or older, due to differences in the implementation of the Lookup Tables in previous revisions of Tracker.

NOTE: This fix contains instructions which modify the Windows registry of the affected computer. Use extreme caution as improper registry modification may cause irreparable damage to the computer's software or O/S. Consider making a backup of the registry before proceeding.

1) Close Tracker Version 5 before beginning. If Tracker is running when these changes are made, they will not take effect.

2a) Navigate to the Start menu

b) Hit "Run"

c) Type the word "regedit" into the "Open" field and click OK.

3) Navigate to the appropriate area of the Windows registry. The path is:


4a) Select the "ReplaceLookupTables" key on the right and right-click it.

b) Choose "Modify"

c) In the Value Data field, replace the zero value with a nonzero value. ("1" is sufficient)

5) Click OK.

6) Run the Tracker software. Tracker Version 5 will automatically rebuild the Lookup Tables when a database is accessed. The registry value will revert to zero when the Tracker software is closed.

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