Creating New Items

1. Click on the group heading (item with a +/-) where the new
item will be inserted. For example, to place a new item
under Inclinometry, highlight Inclinometry or highlight Spinal ROM to place an item at that
2. Click on the Add button to the right of the Text Preview window to display the Add Narrative
Item screen.
3. Enter a short title that will show up in the Available Items list.
4. Click on the Type drop down to indicate if the item is a banner, heading or statement.
5. Enter a long description that is displayed in the Narrative Queue.
6. In the Text field, type in the text as you want it to appear in your narrative report. The
amount of text is unlimited. Use the Enter key to place hard returns and spaces in the
7. Use the Up and Down buttons on the right-hand side of the window to arrange the item
within the Order list.
8. Click OK to save and exit, click Cancel to exit without saving.

Editing Items

1. Highlight the Available Item you want to edit. Only items that have text displayed in the Text Preview field
are editable.
2. Click the Edit button to the right of the Text Preview window.
3. When the Edit Narrative window opens all the information about the item is displayed.
4. Make any edits to the item and click OK to save or click Cancel to exit without saving.

Deleting Items

Custom items you create can be deleted from the Available Items lists. Standard items from JTECH, such as an
Intro, cannot be deleted, but they can be edited.
1. Highlight the item to delete and the delete button beside the Text Preview window is activated. If the
Delete button is not activated, the item cannot be deleted.
2. Click the Delete button and "Yes" at the warning screen.

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