General Inclinometry Testing

Prior to beginning a test, ensure that the test defaults are set as desired (i.e. unit of measurement, number of tests, number of repetitions, etc.). Once test defaults are set, choose the “Test” option from the main menu, and follow these steps:
To test using dual inclinometry, simply plug the Secondary inclinometer into the Primary inclinometer at the beginning of a test (before entering the zero). If the Secondary inclinometer becomes unplugged (or otherwise experiences a hardware issue) during a dual inclinometer test, the test will be paused until the issue is resolved.

Dualer IQ Pro Orientation During Use

The Dualer IQ Pro uses gravity (or the floor) as the reference point when measuring range of motion. There are several different orientations which can be used for measurement. At the start of a test the orientation can be selected and an icon on the LCD displays the current orientation for the current test.
• To change the plan of motion, press select at the beginning of a test (before entering the zero).

While in the test mode, the controls are as follows:
1. Press down to be prompted to redo the last rep. This does not work in auto-rep mode.
2. Press up to skip to the next test.
3. Hold down to exit the test mode.
4. Press select to cycle through the planes of motion prior to beginning a test.
Note: The Dualer IQ Pro does not require a full calibration of the Inclinometers prior to starting each exam.

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