Notice: The Dualer IQ Pro is a sensitive electronic device, and should be handled with care. If handled and cared for properly, the devices have all been designed and manufactured to provide years of accurate and reliable use. Avoid dropping, banging, or other impacts to the instrument. Use only within designated operating temperatures.


When your Dualer IQ Pro is not in use, store it in the protective carrying case which came with your device.
1 . If instrument are stored for periods longer than 30 days, recharge batteries before using.
2 . Store in an area with a controlled temperature within the recommended temperature range. (see temperature and humidity limits in “Technical Specifications” on page 26)
Important Notice: Never store Dualer IQ Pro instrument in an automobile, except when transporting them, regardless of the season.

Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization

Warning: Keep dry, do not immerse any part of any Dualer IQ Pro instrument, or accessories in water or any other fluid.
Dualer IQ Pro, instrument and accessories are non-sterile devices and are not compatible with sterilization techniques, such as autoclave.
• Do not autoclave the Dualer IQ Pro or accessories.
• Do not clean with abrasive materials.
• Do not clean with solvents, or disinfectant not approved by JTECH Medical.

Recommended Cleaning of Dualer IQ Pro and Accessories

1 . Wipe surfaces with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap.
2 . Remove any soap residue with a clean, non-abrasive cloth dampened with clean water.
Recommended Alternative Method for Cleaning Dualer IQ Pro and Accessories.
• CaviWipes disinfecting Towlette
     ◌ Use only as directed, following all instructions and warnings on the CaviWipes packaging.
Warning: Follow all directions as specified by the CaviWipe product being used. Allow devices to dry before use.

Preventative Inspection

Dualer IQ Pro devices have no associated methods of preventative inspection.


Dualer IQ Pro is not user serviceable and does not include a service manual.
For any service including maintenance, repair, and calibration, contact JTECH Medical Customer Support at (800) 985-8324 or (385) 695-5000

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