Initial Battery Charge

Performing the required initial charge for your new device batteries is essential before attempting to use them. After initial charging is complete, you can begin testing immediately.

Warning: Dualer IQ Pro should not be used for testing while connected to the charger.
Warning: Use only a factory-supplied charger. Use of another charger may result in electrical shock or equipment damage.
Notice: Device batteries must be fully charged before attempting to use them with your Dualer IQ Pro. Device must charge for at least four (4) continuous hours before its first use.
Notice: Be careful not to drop instrument while connected to the charger as it may cause damage to the instrument.

Charging Instrument Batteries

1 . Plug USB daisy chain plug into the Primary inclinometer USB charging jack.
2 . Plug the battery charger into the USB daisy chain.
3 . Place the instrument on a flat level surface or back in the case while it charges.
4 . Plug the battery charger into a properly rated wall outlet (mains supply).
5 . Allow the Primary inclinometer to charge until the display indicates that charging is complete. This will typically take four (4) continuous hours each time you charge.
6 . Once the Primary inclinometer is charged, disconnect it from the USB daisy chain.

During normal operation (when the device is not charging) a low battery is indicated by a blinking orange LED.

Battery Life

The Dualer IQ Pro Primary inclinometer has a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. The Dualer IQ Pro is able to operate for approximately ten (10) hours of continual use. In order to conserve battery life, the Primary Inclinometer has an automatic shut-off, which will trigger after 5 minutes of inactivity in any mode except the testing mode. (Note: test data and defaults will not be affected by the instrument turning off).
Note: The Secondary inclinometer does not contain a battery. It is powered by the Primary inclinometer.

Displaying Battery Voltage

1 . Select “Settings” from the main menu.
2 . Highlight “System,” and press the Select Button.
3 . Press Up/Down until “Info” is displayed, and press the Select Button.
4 . The LCD screen will show the firmware revision, battery voltage, and calibration information.