Tracker 5 is able to print progress charts and graphs on your narrative reports.  

This can be done by from the create reports section of the software.  Select Narratives from the report types at the top.

Progress Tree

Select the instrument for which you would like to print progress information 

The progress section allows you to print a heading, show recent change (only from the previous visit), total change (from all previous visits), and a graph. Some options will populate in a tree format under Available Items.  Here, you want to expand the test type (e.g., Spine ROM, Extremity Custom ROM, Standard) in the tree for which you wish to show progress.  

Note:  To show total change for a test type, you must have performed that test on the patient in the past and you must select the latest test.  Progress will not pull from a visit from a later date.  

Note: Validity tests (e.g., Rapid Exchange Grip) do not have the option to show progress.  



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