Refer to this help section when you try to view the contents of a database in Tracker™ Version 5 but receive an error message every time a new record is attempted:

Network initialization failed.
Drive not ready.
Directory: [DRIVE LETTER]:\.

1) Navigate to the Control Panel in Windows.

2) Open the icon BDE Administrator.  This should be present for all installations of Tracker.

3a) Click on the "CONFIGURATION" tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

  b) Expand "Configuration" from the list

  c) Expand "Drivers"

  d) Expand "Native"

  e) Click on "Paradox"

4) Look in the right-hand half of this screen into the NET DIR listing.

5) If any value appears in that folder (whether it is a network drive, local drive, etc.) you must DELETE THE VALUE.

6 a) To ensure the change takes effect, you must click into any other field on the right-hand side or hit

   b) On the left-hand side, several green triangles should appear to indicate that your change has been made.

7) Close the BDE Administrator.  You should be prompted to save your changes.

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