To perform the transfer, you must have two existing databases (although one may be completely empty).  By expanding the databases menu at the top of Tracker, you can then choose "Transfer...".  

A new window will appear with three categories.  In the first category "Source Database" you must select the database containing the settings and templates that you wish to transfer.  In the second category "Items to Transfer"  you must select what you would like to transfer to the destination database(s).  In the third and final category you must select the destination database(s) to whihch we will be copying these settings or templates.  Once these three steps have been completed,  choose Transfer Selected Items.

If there are no problems, you will see a message saying "No Conflicts" and you may continue and choose Close Form.  However, if data already exists of that type in the destination database(s) you will see a popup saying The target database 'XXXX' already contains XXXXX.  Transferring XXXXX would result in loss of data on the target database.  Would you like to overwrite this data?

If you choose Yes, Tracker will overwrite the selected information in the destination database(s) with the information from the source database.


This feature was added to Tracker™ Version 5.0.31 (May 10, 2010).  Some of the additional features include the ability to transfer the following between databases:

  • Calibration data
  • Clinic information
  • Contacts
  • Custom tests
  • Test protocols
  • Custom narrative items
  • Report templates

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