1. In order to transfer Tracker™ 5 to a new Computer, you will need to install the software on the new computer using your installation media.
    • Simply insert the media into the new PC and accept all the default values to install Tracker.
  2. Should you want to back up the data from the old computer, this can be done using the backup option under the database dropdown menu. (See related article - Move a Database to a New Location)
    • After choosing backup you will want to select the path to which you want to save the backup file.  This file must be moved to the new computer if you would like to have access to it on the new computer. (This can be done with a flash drive, network drive, email, cloud service ,etc.)
  3. Contact JTECH Medical Customer Service for a Registration Key, you will need the old and new computer available to transfer the license.
  4. You must install the Tracker Freedom USB Drivers for your USB Receiver (if applicable) to use any wireless devices.
  5. a.   You may need to create a database from database management to restore your previous data (This creates empty database container to place your old data into). This can be done by choosing the + symbol in Database Management and selecting the path that you would like to place the data. 
  6. b.   If you are restoring data from the old computer, you must then go to the database tab and choose "Restore". Here you must select the newly created database and select the path of the file that you backed up on the old computer.
  7. The final step is registering your wireless instruments.  This is done under the System drop down menu by choosing instrument registration and typing the serial number next to the corresponding device type.  Each instrument should have a small white label containing the serial number.


Move a Database to a New Location

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