1) Navigate to the installation folder for Tracker™

2) Run the file SETUPEX.EXE, by double left clicking it.  If prompted to reboot the computer, do so.

3) Run Tracker 5.0


The Crypkey License service (Windows 2000 and Windows 7) is not running and is not configured to start properly.

1) Navigate to "My Computer".  Right-click on that icon and select "Manage" from the list.

2a) On the "Computer Management" screen, expand the "Services and Applications" item on the left-hand navigation bar.

  b) Click on "Services".

3) On the right-hand side, a list of Services has appeared, and is in alphabetical order.  Locate the "Crypkey License" item and double-click it to open the properties screen.

4) On the item called "Startup Type", select the combo box and choose "Automatic" from the list.

5) Hit "OK" to save all changes.

6) Reboot the computer for changes to take effect. 


JTECH software requires that the user be logged into the computer with full permission to read, write, and modify the required files.  The user should consult an administrator or take other steps to acquire full administrative privileges on the computer.


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