The Auto Test Advance option is a setting in Tracker 5 that will allow you to automatically advance to the next test in the current test sequence immediately after completing the previous test. Once a test is complete, no user interaction is required to advance to the following test. If this setting is disabled, the software will wait on the current testing screen until the check mark is pressed in the top right of the window to save the data and close the current testing screen.

Some advantages of Auto Test Advance include faster testing times. There is less attention needed on the computer so more time and attention can be given to the patient.

The Auto Test Advance feature does not account for the accuracy of your measurements. This means that should you collect data that does not pass the AMA’s definition of validity the software would continue to advance to the next test. This option assumes careful attentiveness to the testing being performed.

The Auto Test Advance option is a great option for speedier testing allowing the tester to provide more attention to the patient however it does not account for test validity.

If you have any further questions about the Auto Test Advance feature, please contact JTECH Medical Customer Service at (800) 985-8324 x4.

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