The Tracker™ ITs use Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries.

With a full charge, your Tracker™ Devices will last for 4 hours of continuous use.

There is a low battery indicator in the software. It is displayed when a test screen for the instrument is opened.

Green - full charge
Yellow - less than one hour left (complete the exam and charge the instrument)
Red - less than 20 minutes left (complete the test and charge the instrument) 

The instrument will function without a full charge, but the operational time will be significantly reduced. You should place the instrument back on the charger to completely charge the battery as soon as possible.

Important: Tracker Freedom® instruments are not intended for use while attached to the charger. Never attempt to operate the instrument while it is connected to the charger as electrical shock or damage to the instrument may occur.

We have designed special circuitry into the Instrument Transceiver (IT) to protect the electronic components.  The IT automatically turns the charger off after 3 hours. (For devices repaired or purchased after February 2010 the IT automatically turns the charger off after 6 hours.)  As with any Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery, leaving instruments connected to the charger for extended periods (e.g. weeks) can reduce the overall life of the battery.  Leaving ITs connected over the weekend will not negatively affect the battery life.


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