Use the following procedure to install your Tracker™ receiver and necessary USB drivers on your computer. Do not attempt to use your Tracker Freedom® instruments with your new Tracker Version 5 Software until all instruments are completely charged.

Installing the Receiver

1. Turn your computer on.
2. Locate an available USB 1.1 or higher port on your computer.
3. Plug the receiver into the USB port.

Note: If there is not enough room for the receiver to plug into the USB port, use the supplied USB extension cable. First, plug the cable into your computer's USB port, then plug the receiver into the cable.

4. Raise the antenna on the receiver.

System Setup and Install USB Drivers

Once you have connected the receiver to your computer's USB port, your Microsoft Windows operating system should recognize the new device.

1. When the receiver is detected as new hardware, the computer will start the "New Hardware Wizard" to find the drivers.
2. At the Hardware Wizard screen, click on "Install from a list or specific location," then click on "Next" to begin.
3. From the Locate Driver Files dialog, select the "Specify a location" check box. Make sure that only the "Specify a location" box is checked and click "Next" to continue.
4. Insert the Tracker Version 5 Software CD into your computer's CD ROM drive.
Click on the "Include this location in the search:" box.
Type the following into the field, replacing the X with the letter for your CD-ROM drive:
X:\Tracker Freedom Drivers\version10.0.0 or 10.0.1 depending on the version of Tracker 5 software.
Click "Next" to continue.
5. At the final screen, make sure it indicates that the Tracker Freedom install is complete. If Tracker Freedom drivers have not been installed, contact JTECH Medical Customer Service before continuing.
6. Check to ensure the receiver LED is illuminated. If the LED does not illuminate.

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