Tracker 5 Updates - Why?

  • Tracker 5 icon featheredOur software needs to be updated. Is there a charge for doing the update?

Tracker 5 updates are included with the Guardian Software Maintenance Subscriptions.  For more information please visit our Software Maintenance page or call Customer Support at (800) 985-8324 option 4.

  • What is included in the update?

Tracker 5 has undergone some major changes since it was first released.  Our latest version of Tracker 5 has been designed to work on the latest Windows operating systems and has been designed with input from clinicians to ensure you get features you need. See the changes we have made in the Tracker 5 Revision History.

  • How will a software update better us as employees/clinicians?

Tracker 5 Guardian Software Maintenance includes access to training material on the software as well as device webinars to quickly get new employees up to speed and ready to perform testing with patients.

  • How will a software update help us provide better care to our patients?

The latest release of Tracker 5 is updated with the most accurate data from the AMA Guides 5th Edition and ensures that your clinic has the professionalism and accuracy needed to succeed. The included online training material will help ensure your patients are being tested with proven methods that are intra/intertester reliable.